* Shaped to fit your horses back.
* Conforms to your saddle and your horse.
* Vented channel down the center of the pad to help relieve pressure on the spine and allow heat to escape.
* Constructed in layers with a layer of closed cell foam between the center core and the bottom layer to relieve pressure points, absorb shock and help keep sweat from the center core making it easier to keep clean.

*The different layers give you the durability of wool felt on the top while the core keeps its cushioning and conforming properties.

*Tapered under wear leathers for less bulk under legs and closer contact with your horse.

*Standard thicknesses are 1" and 1 1/4". 

*Standard sizes are 30"x32" and 32"x34"

*Custom sizes and thicknesses are available

*All pads are available with blanket tops and/or custom options such as cowhide, spots, custom tooled corners, ect. 

Wade Pads

2000 Series

Just like 1000 series pad, the 2000 series pad has 1/4" wool felt on top with either 1/4" wool felt or closed cell foam on bottom. The core in the 2000 series is of poly felt along with a layer of closed cell foam on the bottom. This pad gives you the durability of wool felt on top with the advantages of a poly felt core. The poly felt core will conform to both the saddle and the horses back. The fibers in the poly felt will reshape each time it is used and will not mat down. We put a layer of the closed cell foam between the poly felt core and the bottom of the pad to help keep moisture from the core which helps to keep it clean and to last longer. This pad is superior to the solid wool felt pads that are so popular today because pressed wool felt never stops felting which means it gets thinner and harder with each time you use it. The poly felt fibers will not mat down or get hard. The majority of the pads we sell are 2000 series. This pad is an excellent pad, it is very durable with very good shock absorption and will conform to your saddle and horse. You can add air gel foam for added protection and better shock absorption.

3000 Series

The 3000 series pad is also made with 1/4" wool felt on top with either 1/4" wool felt or 1/4" closed cell foam on bottom. The core is made up of a thin layer of air gel foam, a layer of open cell memory foam, then a layer of closed cell foam. Since open cell foam is like a sponge we encase it between two layers of closed cell foam to keep moisture from getting into the memory foam. This combination will relieve any pressure points, provide excellent shock absorption and return to its original thickness. This is our best pad and, we think, the best pad you can buy.  This pad gives you the durability of wool felt on top and bottom with the advantages of a core that will conform to both the saddle and the horses back. The core will reshape each time it is used and is an excellent shock absorber. This pad is great for roping, ranching, barrel racing, or any other discipline. It will help with poor fitting saddles and can be customized for any fitting problems. We are confident this will be the best saddle pad you will ever use. The only way to improve on this pad would be to replace the third layer of closed cell foam another layer of air gel foam.

Below is a list of the materials used in WADE PADS along with a description and why we chose them.

Wool felt used on the top and bottom:
The felt we use is made to our specifications. It is A NEEDELED FELT WITH AT LEAST 80% WOOL. Since pressed wool felt never stops felting, (gets thinner and harder with heat, moisture, and pressure) we use The needled felt because it is made with shorter fibers than the pressed felt which keeps it from felting.

Poly felt used in the core of the 2000 series pad:
Poly felt has been used for saddle pads for many years because it doesn't mat down and the fibers will move and conform to even out the pressure of the saddle. We have had alot of success using it in the core of our pads.   

Closed cell foam:
We have used several closed cell foams over the years and we feel this is the best we have found for durability and shock absorption when used in the core of the pad or when used on the bottom of the pad next to the horse. This is the foam used in the core of the 1000 series pad. We also use this on the bottom of the core of the 2000 and 3000 series pad to keep sweat from soaking into the core of the pad.

Open cell memory foam used in our 3000 series pad:
This foam is probably the best shock absorbing material available. It will conform to your saddle and your horse eliminating any pressure points. It is the fastest to return to its original thickness, and the least temperature sensitive of the ones we have tried. It will not get as hard in cold weather or as soft when body temperature is reached. It was made to absorb the shock of jet ejection seats, race car seats, and many other applications. We use this for the core of the 3000 series pads.

Air gel foam:
I have never liked gel for saddle pads because it is very heavy and while it will absorb shock from an impact it does not always relieve pressure points. The company we get this air gel foam from uses the same material they make the gel from, but by injecting air into the liquid it makes a closed cell foam when cured. This makes it lighter and softer while keeping the shock absorbing properties of the gel. With the air cells throughout the foam it will help relieve pressure points. This foam can be added to the core of any of our pads. While this foam is very expensive, it is the best closed cell foam available for absorbing shock and evening out the pressure of your saddle.


Custom Additions

Wade Pad Prices

Hair On Cowhide with plain leather border _____________________________________________ $135
Printed Hair on Cowhide with plain leather border _______________________________________ $145
Croc or Gator print with plain leather border ___________________________________________ $145
Plain Leather Border only (no cowhide, croc, ect.) ______________________________________ $75
Wool Blanket Top ______________________________________________________________ $50 &up

Add tooling on border
Leaf ________________________________ $27
Eifel ________________________________ $30
Rope________________________________ $37
Braid _______________________________ $42
Barbwire ____________________________ $42
Running W or Serpintine ________________ $82

Dye Border and Wear Leathers, Black or Dark Brown _________________________ $16
Plain, blank corners ___________________________________________________ $15
Corners with standard tooling ____________________________________________ $50
Corners with Custom tooling (floral, basket stamp, ect.) ________________________ $50 &up
Corners with hand tooled brand __________________________________________ $60 &up
Corners with hand tooled initials or letters  __________________________________ $50 &up 
Corners with Stamped and dyed letters(up to 10 letters) ________________________ $50
Floral tooling on corners________________________________________________ $80 & up

Spots around edge/extra spots __________________________________________ $28/0.35 each
Crystals around edge/extra crystals _______________________________________ $48/0.50 each

Add Air Gel Foam-
to 1/2" thick pad___________________ $12
to 3/4" thick pad___________________ $12
to 1" or 11/4" thick pad______________$20

2000 Series 11/4"
3000 Series 1"

Plain Pads

2000 Series

28 x 30 x 1/2" ___________________________________________ $146
28 x 30 x 3/4" ___________________________________________ $150
28 x 30 x 1" _____________________________________________ $162

30 x 32 x 1/2" ____________________________________________ $149
30 x 32 x 3/4" ____________________________________________ $153
30 x 32 x 1" ______________________________________________ $165
30 x 32 x 11/4" ____________________________________________ $170

32 x 34 x 1/2" __________________________________________ $151
32 x 34 x 3/4" __________________________________________ $156
32 x 34 x 1" ____________________________________________ $168
32 x 34 x 11/4" __________________________________________ $173

34 x 36 x 3/4" __________________________________________ $159

34 x 36 x 1" ____________________________________________ $171
34 x 36 x 11/4" _________________________________________ $176

3000 Series

28 x 30 x 3/4" ___________________________________________ $180
28 x 30 x 1" _____________________________________________$192

30 x 32 x 3/4" ___________________________________________ $183
30 x 32 x 1" _____________________________________________$195
30 x 32 x 11/4" __________________________________________ $200

32 x 34 x 3/4" ___________________________________________ $186
32 x 34 x 1" _____________________________________________$198
32 x 34 x 11/4" __________________________________________ $203

34 x 36 x 3/4" ___________________________________________ $189
34 x 36 x 1" _____________________________________________$201
34 x 36 x 11/4" __________________________________________ $206

Ordering: To order pads, go to the Wade Pads page, choose what type of pad you want (Plain, Plain with border, Cowhide, Crocodile print, or Blanket pad, and click on that link. 

Custom Pads: Custom pad orders can only be taken by email at this time. If what you want isn't available on the order form, send us an email describing what you want, then we can quote you a price and workout payment.
We will not start working on any custom pads until they are paid for. Please include the series, size, and thickness along with any other details in your email.
Each page has examples of some of the different options available. Once you have a pretty good idea of what you want, click the "order now" button at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to the order form where you can choose the series, size and thickness, and other options for your pad. On the order form, the listed price is for a 2000 series 30 x 32 x 1" pad. You will start with that price and it will go up or down depending on your choices for series, size, thickness and other options. The changes in the price will not show until you proceed to the checkout.

Any other questions, email us: sales@brokenwcowboygear.com

Example of how to price a pad:
Pick your size, series, thickness: 30x32x1- $165
Add options:           crock with plain border- $145
                          Add tooling to border, leaf- $27
                                           Add silver spots- $ 28
                                   Total: $365

Sizing: The first number is the length, head to tail, the second number is the width, side to side, and the third number is the thickness. For example, 30x32x1 would be 30" long, 32" wide and 1" thick.